Mechanical Engineer Replaced Sungazing With Boobs Gazing At Cam4 And He Is Never Going Back

Achim Ahola from Moline, Illinois, is a Chief Mechanical Engineer at the Railways during the day and a Sex Blogger by the night, who used to spend 40 minutes a day sungazing several months ago. He claims that while he did that on a regular, his testosterone levels and creativity both declined greatly. He replaced it with 40 minutes of boobs gazing at cam4 after that, his testosterone levels have been on a rise ever since. He claims that his testosterone levels increased by 150% within first 3 months of it. He adds not to mention no sunburns anymore. He is so happy that he leaves a positive cam4 review after chatting with each of the models there even when the experience was average.

Archim campaigns online to make the sex education related books copyright free. He says it is a pity that most people tend to think that all sex education or even sex related books read the same, which is far from the truth. He writes sex is not just 2 or more or even a solo practitioner rubbing body parts against each other, it is a very varied subject.

Archim claims most of the ancient genuine sexual Kung-Fu masters were killed by the Chinese emperors for they envied them for their sexual prowess and they feared that due to their exceptional testosterone levels, they might get too aggressive and ambitious that they may team up together to dethrone the emperor and become the new rulers.

Archim claims to know a guy whose mother was a sexologist. She wrote several books and the main theme of most her books used to be ‘Size doesn’t matter’ for the men. Unfortunately, she is dead now and her son grew up to have a 4 inch penis and despite of reading all of the books written by her mother, he does nothing but spends all his days and nights looking for the ways to largen his penis. He claims to have applied too many ways, some which he discovered by himself, some that he read in the books, some that he watched on a YouTube video, but nothing seems to work and he is scared that he might never be able to satiate his wife’s desires.

Archim writes when people talk of sexy dirty talking women, they tend to think of the African, Hispanic or Aboriginal women. He writes these men clearly have never visited the Haryana region of India, these Haryanvi women he says, generally talk dirty in a mix-up of their own and English language, which is unparalleled.

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