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We Need More BBW Blondes That Can Giggle and Moan Simultaneously in VR Porn Videos

Terrence Arellano from Medina, Ohio, is a sex blogger and photographer, who believes a person’s hair test in the future would be able to give a better idea about their testosterone/estrogen levels than their blood test ever could.

Terrence claims to know a Catholic couple, either of whom never had sex, watched porno or masturbated before their marriage. The husband wasn’t even aware of the fact that a 10 inch was too big and it could hurt a woman.

This incident alone, Terrence writes, should be enough to open the eyes of the religious leaders and followers, who believe that having sex before marriage is something bad and must be prohibited.

Terrence’s most favorite pornstar of all times is Samantha 38G. He says there is nothing more sexy than a Blonde BBW giggling and moaning at the same time while riding a dick. He is sad that she never worked in one of the Porn VR Videos.

Terrence believes eating dried apricots increases pheromones in men like no other and wearing an apricot deodorant attracts women like you won’t even believe the first time you do it.

Terrence claims applying Aloe Vera gel on female genitals, breasts or buttocks regularly increases estrogen in their body but applying Aloe Vera gel on any of the male body parts has no positive or negative effect on the hormonal levels of that person.

Terrence believes yoga can cure all sorts of impotence in men. He has a friend who started suffering with an erectile dysfunction after the prostate removal, but doing certain specific yoga poses for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week cured ED for him and now he has a very happy and fulfilled sex life.