Christopher Goody from Texas is proud to be the owner of an extraordinary large dick that his wife can’t get enough of sucking

Christopher Goody from Lubbock, Texas, listens to sex podcasts while driving and says every married man must do the same. One of the best advises he says that he learnt from listening to sex podcasts all the time is that each man must compete with himself when it comes to the sexual performance, be it blowjob, foreplay or fucking related.

Christopher writes on his sex blog that the role of intelligence in the sex life is still debatable and it is one of the biggest pities. He personally believes that intelligence has a positive role in the sex life.

Christopher writes that your dick is just like a sun around which your whole life turns.

He says it is remarkable that many of his friends have cured their insomnia by improving their sexual performance and it has nothing to do with the stress levels. He says that it automatically improved with the improvement of their dicks.

Christopher writes that he loves Chinese women for their lovely smiles and it’s one of the biggest shames of his life that he hasn’t been able to date a Chinese woman yet.

Christopher’s wife talks to herself while sleeping. After trying to listen to her talks very keenly multiple times, he figured that she talks to her girlfriends in her dreams asking tips to improve the fun and joy in the bedroom.

Christopher once used to be a very regular client of escort services. He writes it was really one of the biggest surprises to his life till date that the most negative and passive girl in his college turned out be a nasty, freak, zealous woman in the bed when he happened to call an escort service for a surprise escort.

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