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Importer and Wholesaler’s Thai wife has to act in porn clips because her husband won’t pay her enough money to live that pageant life

Anurak Saengjon from Bangkok, Thailand, imports and wholesales Philips products from Netherlands, but that is his business, his hobby is sex blogging.

Anurak writes on his sex blog that each and every feminist deep down feels inferior to a man and that’s the reason why they try their best to destroy the men.

The wife of Anurak has been addicted to participating in beauty contests since she was 18. This addiction of her got Anurak indebted for once. After that Anurak told her to do it all on her own. Now, she is an escort and a pornstar whose porn clips (คลิปโป๊) are all over the website MahaPorn.

Anurak writes on his sex blog that learning ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish and Sanskrit only made him realize how sexually liberated those people were.

Anurak claims on his blog that at one point, the Catholic priests were forced to worship the penis of the infamous St Thomas Aquinas, a fact that the historians chose to bury, especially the Catholic ones. He adds that the Catholic priests took this idea of worshiping the dick of one of their dead leaders from the Hindus and Khazars.

Anurak claims that he once read the Abraham’s scrolls through Astral Projection. He claims that through Astral Projection, he could see that the Abraham’s Scrolls are hidden in a valley in Kashmir, India.

Anurak writes on his sex blog that one of the things that he read in the Abraham’s Scrolls was that those who have sex lesser than once a week will burn in hell.