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Shampoo Company owner loves to fuck his hookers in the backseat of his Toyota Land Cruiser

Perry Dummer from Bon Homme County, South Dakota, started his own shampoo company inspired by his first hero and most favorite ever salesman – John Paul Dejoria. Today, he is a successful businessman, who loves to partake in Hentai Dojins (โดจิน). His posts are full of interest that I personally cannot get enough of.

Perry writes that if she wears red lipstick a lot – she is hot, if she loves to wear colorful lipsticks a lot – she is cool. He writes that his own wife wears a red lipstick every weekend and colorful lipsticks the rest of the week. She also wears a red lipstick when she is going through menstrual periods.

Perry writes that the brown women are the horniest. He says that they also have the wet dreams most frequently. He claims that his first girlfriend was a Brown Bengali Indian and after that he had a string of other brown girlfriends from the Indian Subcontinent – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Perry is also highly interested in the global and American politics. He claims that more wealthy parents with no political background than ever before have been pushing their children to enter the politics and become politicians.

Perry owns a limousine and has a full-time driver who usually drives his limousine and sometimes his Toyota Land Cruiser SUV as well. Perry says that it is a lot of fun to fuck a hooker in the backseat of his Land Cruiser while the driver is off-roading.