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Tobias Carle is a Landscape Architect and Sex Blogger from Bend, Oregon, who once dated this Nepali girl named Aasra. She was well-versed in Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures. She had studied Mahatma Gandhi very well. She used to believe that Mahatma Gandhi had a thing for the young female singers. Inspired by this, she used to take classes in classical Indian singing.

Tobias loves to study the current political scene of the Indian Subcontinent. His favorite region is Pakistan. He claims the imprisonment of the previous Prime Minister of Pakistan is the result of enmity between Nawaz Shareef and the top NAB leader due to Nawaz Shreef wanting to continue his romantic relationship with the NAB leader’s wife that started and ended during their college days.

Tobias’s current girlfriend is a yoga freak and a fitness expert. She has also been learning the traditional Swiss Yodel for a while. She says she is surprised to learn that how much yoga helps with singing, not just Yodel.

Tobias once met a 60 year old Russian hooker in St Petersburg who didn’t even have 1500 Rubles to pay to the cop after getting caught. She had to spend 3 nights with the cop rather to save her ass from getting imprisoned. She didn’t answer his question if the cop performed sodomy on her, but his low-tone voice and tears conveyed to him that he did.

Tobias is a big fan of the German Pop Singer CC Catch. She was one of the top German singers in the 1980s, thanks to Modern Talking’s marvellous music composition. He got a chance to meet CC Catch at her house. She was wearing a Red Saree which was very revealing. Her cleavage made his dick erect like a tower and as soon as he went back to his hotel room in Berlin, it was time for Welcome to Webcam Chat with Random Strangers. He jerked-off 5 times that very night.

We Need More BBW Blondes That Can Giggle and Moan Simultaneously in VR Porn Videos

Terrence Arellano from Medina, Ohio, is a sex blogger and photographer, who believes a person’s hair test in the future would be able to give a better idea about their testosterone/estrogen levels than their blood test ever could.

Terrence claims to know a Catholic couple, either of whom never had sex, watched porno or masturbated before their marriage. The husband wasn’t even aware of the fact that a 10 inch was too big and it could hurt a woman.

This incident alone, Terrence writes, should be enough to open the eyes of the religious leaders and followers, who believe that having sex before marriage is something bad and must be prohibited.

Terrence’s most favorite pornstar of all times is Samantha 38G. He says there is nothing more sexy than a Blonde BBW giggling and moaning at the same time while riding a dick. He is sad that she never worked in one of the Porn VR Videos.

Terrence believes eating dried apricots increases pheromones in men like no other and wearing an apricot deodorant attracts women like you won’t even believe the first time you do it.

Terrence claims applying Aloe Vera gel on female genitals, breasts or buttocks regularly increases estrogen in their body but applying Aloe Vera gel on any of the male body parts has no positive or negative effect on the hormonal levels of that person.

Terrence believes yoga can cure all sorts of impotence in men. He has a friend who started suffering with an erectile dysfunction after the prostate removal, but doing certain specific yoga poses for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week cured ED for him and now he has a very happy and fulfilled sex life.

Christopher Goody from Texas is proud to be the owner of an extraordinary large dick that his wife can’t get enough of sucking

Christopher Goody from Lubbock, Texas, listens to sex podcasts while driving and says every married man must do the same. One of the best advises he says that he learnt from listening to sex podcasts all the time is that each man must compete with himself when it comes to the sexual performance, be it blowjob, foreplay or fucking related.

Christopher writes on his sex blog that the role of intelligence in the sex life is still debatable and it is one of the biggest pities. He personally believes that intelligence has a positive role in the sex life.

Christopher writes that your dick is just like a sun around which your whole life turns.

He says it is remarkable that many of his friends have cured their insomnia by improving their sexual performance and it has nothing to do with the stress levels. He says that it automatically improved with the improvement of their dicks.

Christopher writes that he loves Chinese women for their lovely smiles and it’s one of the biggest shames of his life that he hasn’t been able to date a Chinese woman yet.

Christopher’s wife talks to herself while sleeping. After trying to listen to her talks very keenly multiple times, he figured that she talks to her girlfriends in her dreams asking tips to improve the fun and joy in the bedroom.

Christopher once used to be a very regular client of escort services. He writes it was really one of the biggest surprises to his life till date that the most negative and passive girl in his college turned out be a nasty, freak, zealous woman in the bed when he happened to call an escort service for a surprise escort.

Importer and Wholesaler’s Thai wife has to act in porn clips because her husband won’t pay her enough money to live that pageant life

Anurak Saengjon from Bangkok, Thailand, imports and wholesales Philips products from Netherlands, but that is his business, his hobby is sex blogging.

Anurak writes on his sex blog that each and every feminist deep down feels inferior to a man and that’s the reason why they try their best to destroy the men.

The wife of Anurak has been addicted to participating in beauty contests since she was 18. This addiction of her got Anurak indebted for once. After that Anurak told her to do it all on her own. Now, she is an escort and a pornstar whose porn clips (คลิปโป๊) are all over the website MahaPorn.

Anurak writes on his sex blog that learning ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish and Sanskrit only made him realize how sexually liberated those people were.

Anurak claims on his blog that at one point, the Catholic priests were forced to worship the penis of the infamous St Thomas Aquinas, a fact that the historians chose to bury, especially the Catholic ones. He adds that the Catholic priests took this idea of worshiping the dick of one of their dead leaders from the Hindus and Khazars.

Anurak claims that he once read the Abraham’s scrolls through Astral Projection. He claims that through Astral Projection, he could see that the Abraham’s Scrolls are hidden in a valley in Kashmir, India.

Anurak writes on his sex blog that one of the things that he read in the Abraham’s Scrolls was that those who have sex lesser than once a week will burn in hell.

Shampoo Company owner loves to fuck his hookers in the backseat of his Toyota Land Cruiser

Perry Dummer from Bon Homme County, South Dakota, started his own shampoo company inspired by his first hero and most favorite ever salesman – John Paul Dejoria. Today, he is a successful businessman, who loves to partake in Hentai Dojins (โดจิน). His posts are full of interest that I personally cannot get enough of.

Perry writes that if she wears red lipstick a lot – she is hot, if she loves to wear colorful lipsticks a lot – she is cool. He writes that his own wife wears a red lipstick every weekend and colorful lipsticks the rest of the week. She also wears a red lipstick when she is going through menstrual periods.

Perry writes that the brown women are the horniest. He says that they also have the wet dreams most frequently. He claims that his first girlfriend was a Brown Bengali Indian and after that he had a string of other brown girlfriends from the Indian Subcontinent – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Perry is also highly interested in the global and American politics. He claims that more wealthy parents with no political background than ever before have been pushing their children to enter the politics and become politicians.

Perry owns a limousine and has a full-time driver who usually drives his limousine and sometimes his Toyota Land Cruiser SUV as well. Perry says that it is a lot of fun to fuck a hooker in the backseat of his Land Cruiser while the driver is off-roading.

Corona will only attack those who want to keep living in the Iron age, those who have been fucking around like Bonobos, especially the females, are not going to be effected by it

Did some experienced and intelligent man ever tell you that women with thick and wide noses hate to fuck, the only exception to this are the Black women or the Aboriginal ones, but the women with Jewish noses, be they Jewish or not, love it.

Also, did anyone ever tell you that the looser the walls of a woman’s pussy gets, the more interested they tend to become in the sexual activity, no wonder why so many moms, grannies and even great-grannies fuck a lot better than their younger counterparts, even when the profession of their younger counterparts is that of fucking all day, all night long. Like they may even be a Nuru Masseuse in New Delhi.

I believe that the government should make asexuality illegal and the government must also provide free sex dolls to the adults belonging to all genders.

I am very glad that there are very few prudish women left in the world now. Currently, I don’t know a single pink-collar adult woman who has Victorian sexual views. The common notion about 40 years ago was that pink-collar women were some of the most prudish ones, thankfully, it all has changed now.

I believe that it would be quite correct to say that more nurses than ever before have been busy sucking the dicks of their patients, more teachers than ever before of their students and more personal secretaries than ever before of their students, in the current times and it is one of the best things that this century has had to offer in the first 20 years followed by the notorious coronavirus, which I believe will only kill the people who refuse to evolve and want to live in the iron age.